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I have worked professionally in the world of coaching since 2006 delivering fitness coaching and personal training. Having taught thousands of men and women in classes and in a personal training capacity, I now understand how fitness works

I was wildly spinning many plates, then my Mum died in 2009 and not long after I crashed and burned both physically and emotionally.  Moving forward I started to take things easier, I spent more time caring for myself and began to understand that fitness works inside out, not the other way round. I became interested in why some folk despite investing  time and money, simply did not seem to be able to implement the changes  in the nutrition and the mindset. They could not change from the inside out.

I then went on a journey to understand the mind. I became qualified as a certified hypnotherapist (I am currently studying for an analytical hypnotherapy diploma), NLP therapist and Life Coach. I now implement all of these techniques with my clients in order to gain the right results within the time frame that works for you.

I understand the self limiting beliefs and behaviours that prevent people from making the right choices here and now.


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